Voices of Lefferts Issue 1


Voices of Lefferts: The Flatbush-PLG Community Writing Journal, combines black-and-white photographs and illustrations with writing by local residents documenting rapid change in a Brooklyn neighborhood.

The overarching goals of Voices of Lefferts are: 1) to engage residents in dialogue about the neighborhood’s past, present, and future; 2) to document and preserve neighborhood history; 3) to provide a platform for residents to tell their stories to themselves, their communities, and beyond; and 4) to contribute to the development of just, equitable alternatives to the effects of unfettered development, rising rents and prices, and displacement.

The project has so far produced photos, illustrations, oral histories, and writing by community members. Funded by a Humanities New York Action Grant, Prospect Lefferts Gardens Neighborhood Association, and LIU Brooklyn, Voices of Lefferts offers two series of 6-week workshops in the fall and spring. Each workshop culminates in another issue of the journal.

The initial result is this beautifully designed, affordably priced publication, designed to be accessible to community residents and those curious about one of Brooklyn's most vital and beloved neighborhoods.

Photo credit: Alexis Holloway


Price: $5.00