Book Fair: Montessori Day School, January 2014

This book fair is now over.  However, many of these titles are still available!  Feel free to browse the lists, either to add to a current book fair order or to ship or pick up in the bookstore.

Welcome to the online shopping page for the January 2014 Book Fair at Montessori Day School! You can shop online and buy books on this website, and pick them up at the book fair on January 27 - January 31 at MDS.


1) The online book fair is open January 8 - January 22 only! Online orders placed after January 22 cannot be picked up at the book fair; such orders will be treated as regular orders and can be picked up in the store or shipped.

Please note that quantities of each title are limited; we will let you know if any of the items you have ordered are unavailable.

2) At checkout, choose the options "Pick up in store" and "Pay online". This will mean you do not need to pay for shipping (books will be delivered to MDS for you). Orders MUST be paid for online in order to be fulfilled.

3) At checkout, you MUST note "Montessori book fair" in the Order Comments to make sure your order is processed correctly.

4) Only the book fair titles on the lists below are eligible for pickup at the book fair. Orders for other titles can be processed for store pickup or shipping but cannot be picked up at the school.

5) Some books will be featured in special visits from the authors!  Check with Montessori Day School for author visit details.  These books are listed on a separate page.  All other books are organized alphabetically by author and are listed over several pages.  Make sure to shop the full list!

6) If you have any questions, email or call (718) 246-0200 and ask for Annie or Jessica.


Click any of these lists to begin shopping:

Author visit titles: Michele McSween and Aaron Meshon

Book fair titles: page 1 of 4 (Aardema - Eastman) 

Book fair titles: page 2 of 4 (Eversole - King) 

Book fair titles: page 3 of 4 (Knudsen - Rey) 

Book fair titles: page 4 of 4 (Rinker - Wu