Maple Street School

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Upcoming Events

Virtual Book Fair Fall 2021


Past Events

Virtual Book Fair Fall 2020

Virtual Author Visit with Brendan Wenzel

Author Visit with Mike Perry 1/22/20

Fall Book Fair 2019

Parent Author Visit with Bettina Elisa Siegel - 11/16/19

Author Visit with Tom Booth - 5/13/19

Spring 2019 Book Fair

Author Visit with Rachael Cole - February 27,2019

Fall Book Fair 2018

Spring Book Fair (May 14 - May 18, 2018)

Author Visit: Pascal Lemaitre and Holly McGhee (May 2018)

Author Visit: Katherine Reynolds Lewis (April 2018) - open to the public!

Author Visit: Gaia Cornwall (April 2018)

Author Visit: Christopher Silas Neal (March 2018)

Teacher Wish Lists (2017-2018)

Author Visit: Annie Silvestro (December 2017)

Book Fair (Nov 27th - Dec 1st)

Author visit: Eric Morse (November 2017)

Author Visit: Caron Levis (November 2017)

Author visit: Thyra Heder (October 2017)

Book Fair: Spring 2017

Author visit: Elisha Cooper (April 2017)

Author visit: Matthew Forsythe & Kirsten Hall (April 2017)

Author visit: Ruth Chan (April 2017)

Author visit: Caron Levis (June 2016)

Author visit: Kevin McCloskey (May 2016)

Author visit: Polly Kanevsky (April 2016)

Author visit: Fran Manushkin (February 2016)

Author visit: Kevin McCloskey (May 2015)

Author visit: Betsy Lewin (May 2015)

Author Visit: Amy Schwarz (December 2014)

Author Visit: Edward Hemingway (April 2014)