Getting Started with Ebooks at Greenlight



Greenlight partners with Kobo to offer over 3 million ebooks - so you can read digital AND shop local! Here's how to get started with buying your ebooks through us.

  1. Set up your Kobo account online.  You MUST create your account through a link from our site in order for Greenlight to receive a revenue share on the ebooks you buy!
  2. Find and buy ebooks through, or  It doesn't matter where you shop - Greenlight will benefit from each purchase if your account is intially affiliated with us.  (When you shop through Greenlight's website, you will be redirected to to complete your purchase.)
  3. Start reading!  You can read Kobo ebooks on your Kobo ereader, on your browser, or on other digital devices with the free Kobo reading app (click here to download the app for free).
Questions?  You can contact Greenlight Bookstore at or 718-246-0200 (10am - 10pm). Or contact the Kobo Help Line directly, or 855-202-4098 (8am - 12am EST).
Please note: Greenlight no longer carries the Kobo ereaders in our store.  Some models may be available to order on a case-by-case basis; please contact us for details.