Hypothetical People: Writing and Art from the Booksellers of Greenlight (chapbook)


In August 2015 Greenlight published its first-ever chapbook of work by booksellers!  Edited by Greenlight's own Angel Nafis, Hypothetical People contains fiction, poetry, criticism, photography, and original art.  With a beautiful cover designed by bookseller Julian Elman, the chapbook collects great new work from our creative staff, so you can say you knew them when.

Table of contents:

A Word from the Owners
Foreword: Angel Nafis
Matt Stowe: Modern Sierpinksi Triangles, Tribute to Albert
Annie Trizna: Librarian Story
Grace Ecton: Dykes & Dogs
Michael Newton: Closed Eyes Writing Go
Halley Parry: Beans In a Can
Jarrod Annis: Poems from Psychosemantic
Kit Haggard: Kiss
Geo Ong: Stellar Regions, Memory & Marker
Dante Bostic: MKO
Natalie Peart: Sixty-One
Emily Turner: Photo Essay
Angel Nafis: Gravity
Jess Pane: Renovation

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