Flood at Greenlight PLG

On Wednesday night, January 3, 2017, a frozen pipe burst in our building at 632 Flatbush, sending water pouring through our ceiling.  Though the FDNY arrived and the water was shut off quickly, there was damage throughout two-thirds of our store space and our basement offices, including to our ceiling, walls, fixtures, and a whole lot of books. 

But we have a lot to be grateful for.  We're grateful that our booksellers are rock stars – they rescued many books from the flood, preventing far worse damage.  We're grateful to the good folks on the maintenance team at the Parkside jumped into action to help, bringing in dehumidifiers and working overnight to get the building back in shape.  We're grateful that we’ve got good business insurance which will figure everything out eventually.  And we're grateful that we’re in a community that will understand if we look a little ragged for a while.

Today, as a snowstorm blows outside, we’ve been working on drying things out and pulling out all the damaged books.  But the store is still intact, and we don’t believe in staying closed for long. We are the little bookstore that could!  Greenlight in PLG will be open for business on Friday, January 5, and going forward.  All of our scheduled events will take place as planned.  We'll restock, repair, and rebuild.  We hope you’ll come visit, share stories, and buy one of the many books we’ve still got in the store.  (If the one you're looking for is water damaged, we can recommend something else!) We appreciate the support of our neighbors, and we're grateful to you for standing with us as we weather the storms of small business life.  

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