Requesting an Event at Greenlight

Interested in booking an event at Greenlight? Take a minute to learn about Greenlight's event program parameters so you can find out whether your event is a good fit for the store, and so you can make your best pitch!

PLEASE NOTE: Greenlight is currently hosting virtual events only.  Our calendar is booked through April 2020.  We are currently booking for May 2020 and beyond. (Note that we do not host any events between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.)

Greenlight Bookstore hosts events in both of our bookstore locations and at other venues, typically focused on one or more newly published books, with a focus on literary fiction and nonfiction. We host adult events Monday through Thursday evenings (not on Fridays or weekends, with very few exception), and Story Times on Sundays.  We set our schedule at least two to three months in advance in order to plan and publicize events as effectively as possible. We do not charge to host events, nor do we pay artists to present in our space; our business model is based on selling books to benefit everyone, and the bookstore remains open to the public during events.  We encourage authors and publicists to take a look at our events information page to get a sense of the scope of our programming.

If you would like to propose an event at Greenlight, you can send an email via the link below. If possible, please include the following information in your pitch:

  • Information about the book, including the title, publication date, publisher / distributor, and a brief description (Attaching or linking to a publisher catalog page or press release is especially helpful. Please do not link to Amazon for book information; this will cause your pitch to be disregarded.)
  • Why you feel this book is a good fit for Greenlight's events calendar (local connection, appealing to our audiences, etc.)
  • Information about the author's platform and/or plans for publicizing the event
  • What you have in mind for the date range and event format
  • Praise or reviews from well-known authors or others in the field, especially if they are willing to support an event as an interviewer or with promotion

Click here to pitch your event!

or email

You will receive a response to acknowledge receipt of your email, and Greenlight will be in touch with further information if we think your event is something we might be able to schedule. If your proposal is for a date less than a month away, if it is not the right fit for the store, or if there is simply no way we can fit it into our calendar, you may not receive an additional reply. Feel free to send a follow up email if you do not hear back within a week or two (please do not call the bookstore to follow up, as we are unable to respond to event proposals by phone).

We are honored that you have chosen to consider Greenlight Bookstore for your reading or event, and we wish you success in finding the best venue.