Panel: From Fiction to Philosophy

From Fiction to Philosophy: A Walls and Bridges Event

Hosted by Rob Spillman (USA / editor and co-founder of Tin House)

Featuring : Pierre Cassou-Noguès (France / philosopher and novelist), Rick Moody (USA / novelist and musician), Avital Ronell (USA / philosopher), Benjamen Walker (USA / radio journalist)

Over the course of three 10-day series, in the winter, spring and fall of 2011 in New York City, Walls and Bridges — a program curated by French cultural institute Villa Gillet and presented by the Conseil de la Création artistique – will present nearly 50 cultural events, combining about 100 speakers and artists, 30 partners and over 20 venues, ranging from the New York Public Library, Joe’s Pub and the Brooklyn Flea to bookstores, universities and various galleries. Greenlight Bookstore is proud to take part in this intercontinental cultural event with a panel discussion of French and American authors and philosophers.

What are the interactions between fiction and philosophy? Can you answer philosophical questions through fiction? Are philosophers fiction writers? Is there such thing as philosophical fiction or fictional philosophy? Four very different guests will play with these concepts: fiction writer and philosopher Pierre Cassou-Noguès, whose philosophical starting points are short fiction pieces; acclaimed author of The Four Fingers of Death novelist Rick Moody; Avital Ronell, whose flamboyant philosophical endeavor is very much nourished by her explosive style; and Benjamen Walker, whose show on WFMU (“Too Much Information”) tackles philosophical issues through storytelling, using real or fictional interviews. The panel will be hosted by Rob Spillman, co-founder of the innovate literary magazine and book publisher Tin House.

Event date: 

Sunday, January 30, 2011 - 1:00pm

Event address: 

686 Fulton Street
11217 Brooklyn