Curbside Pickup FAQs

Here's more about how Curbside Pickup at Greenlight works!

Q: What are my options for placing book orders?

A: You have three ways to get your books!

1) Call the bookstore at (718) 246-0200 (select an extension for your preferred location); a bookseller will process your order for books currently on hand in that store location, and send you a link to make a pickup appointment.

2) Place an order online through for books in stock at your preferred pickup location (look for the "On Our Shelves" indicator and stock numbers available in your store). Note that stock levels in our stores are subject to change! A bookseller will process your order online and email you a link to make a pickup appointment.

3) Place an order online through for any books in print to be shipped directly to your address via UPS shipping from our supplier warehouse.  (Shipping costs apply; free shipping on orders over $100). More information about shipping orders can be found on our Direct-To-Home FAQs page.)


Q: So as soon as I place my order for curbside pickup I should just stop by and pick it up, right?

A: Hold up!  First we need to confirm that the books you have requested are in stock at the location where you'd like to pick them up. Once we've found your books, bagged them up for you, and processed your payment, we'll send you a link to make an appointment to pick them up.  Curbside pickups are by appointment only.


Q: Why do I have to make an appointment?

A: Scheduling appointment pickup times helps us to manage traffic and social distancing for customers and staff.  This keeps you safe, and means that your books will be ready when you are.  Thanks for helping us to keep everything safe and organized!


Q: Can I get a pickup appointment the same day my order is processed?

A: Yes!  We've increased available pickup times so same-day appointments are available.  The fastest method for processing your curbside pickup order is to call the store and get an appointment link over the phone.


Q:  If a book isn't showing up as on hand in the store location I prefer, can I still place an order for it for curbside pickup?

A: No. We aren't able to special order books for pickup in store during Phase 1 reopening. While we are doing our best to keep key titles on hand, special orders are being processed through direct-to-home shipping only. We plan to add more special order options in Phase 2 of reopening. For now, if you have ordered an item for pickup that is not on hand in the location you have indicated, it will be canceled from your order with instructions for how to order it separately to be shipped from our supplier warehouse.


Q: What about books that aren't out yet?

A: Since we're not able to do special orders right now, we can't process preorders for curbside pickup either. You can preorder a book for shipping, or wait until closer to the book's publication date and check in with us as our processes continue to evolve.


Q: I placed an order for a book that said it was on hand in my preferred store location, but it still got canceled. What gives?

A: The quantity information on our website is updated once a day.  If we process a number of orders for a title in a given day, the quantity information may no longer reflect the actual number of books in our store.  We will process orders on a first come, first served basis, and ask that you note that quantities are subject to change.


Q. Can I change my curbside pickup order to a shipping order (or vice versa)?
A. No. We aren't able to convert orders from one kind of shipping/pickup to another. If you would prefer to have your order shipped, please cancel your existing order and place a new one for UPS Shipping.  (Note shipping times vary depending on stock at our warehouse; see our DTH FAQs page for details.)


Q: I successfully placed my order and made an appointment, but I thought of something else I need.  Can I add it on?

A: Sure -- go ahead and call the store in advance of your appointment, and if possible our staff will process your additional order and add it to your existing pickup.  Please do NOT request additional items when you arrive for pickup, as booksellers cannot accommodate order changes or make sales at the door.


Q: How is Greenlight protecting booksellers handling curbside pickup? 

A: Our booksellers who are working onsite are provided with masks to be worn at any time they are interacting with the public. Staff clean all phones, workstations, door handles, light switches, merchandise transfer stations, etc. daily and in betwen shifts.  In addition, we will be maintaining strict social distancing during pickup, and booksellers will not fulfill orders if customers do not follow social distancing guidelines.


Q: Why is this all so much more difficult/complicated than the Greenlight shopping experience I'm used to?

A: We appreciate that you have high expectations -- we take it as a compliment! In order to comply with regulations, keep our staff and customers safe, figure out logistics with a reduced staff and social distancing requirements, and manage our company finances, we are reinventing our business week by week. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this transition, and we look forward to continuing to add services and simplify the customer experience as the reopening process continues.