Sign Up Your Book Group

Please note: book group discounts are on hold until further notice. Feel free to email us to check whether we have your group's pick in stock, but we are not able to offer 15% off to book group members at this time.

Are you a member of a book group? Want to get discounts on your group’s books, and connect with your local independent bookstore? We’d love to help! Greenlight can stock the books for your book group, and members will receive 15% off on each of your group’s book picks. We just need a little information (and some advance notice!) to make it happen.

To start your book group's registration process, we ask that you provide us with the following information at least three weeks before the date your book is needed:

  • Name of the book club
  • Contact person for the book club and their contact information (email preferred)
  • How many people are in the book club
  • How many people will want to buy the book from Greenlight (your best guess)
  • The title of the book you are reading next
  • The date of your group's meeting to discuss the book
  • The date you need your book to be available for purchase

Click here to register your book group via email!

or email

Please include all of the above information in your email.  You will receive an email reply / followup from the book group coordinator at the store of your choice with further information. You can be in touch with them directly when you choose future discussion picks.


Q: How do I claim my 15% discount?
A: Just mention the name of your book group at checkout! We’ll be able to check our system to see that the book is registered with your group, and apply your discount on the spot. (Your book must be registered and in stock in order to apply the discount.) This applies whether you’re purchasing the book in our store, OR on our website at!

Q: Why do you need book information three weeks before we want the book? What happens if I send the information later than that?
A: Having three weeks’ notice allows us time to order your book directly from the publisher, which means we get the best price on the book, allowing us to discount it for you. If we receive your request with less than three weeks’ lead time, we can still get it in for you, but we may not be able to offer you the same discount.

Q. I have a question about my book group or Greenlight’s book group policies. Who can I contact?
A. Email for general questions, and one of our coordinators will get back to you.