Your Heart's Voice (Hardcover)

Your Heart's Voice By Renée Greene Murphy Cover Image
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Jade always had this voice in her heart telling her the right thing to do, but it was up to her to listen to it. She finally realized once she did listen to it that she made good choices, which, in turn, made her feel good about herself.

This book is a thoughtful approach to parenting to help assist your child to become intuitively aware, which helps create better choices or the right choice. This book will be a terrific addition to a school counselor's library, any school teacher's, as well as any parent or guardian of a child ages five and up.

Jade means "jewel of heaven," "the stone of the heart."

I hope you find your heart's voice after reading this book.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798892210119
Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: December 28th, 2023
Pages: 28
Language: English