Spirit Keeper 2: Exoneration (Paperback)

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Love is a powerful emotion. It can defeat hate. To love so deeply to give your life is biblical. True love can be so strong that it reaches from the grave to speak to us.

Spirit Keeper 2: "Exoneration" is Mary Diggs' second installment of a coming-of-age story that speaks to two extraordinary young people and their struggles to help each other stay alive while helping the living as well as the dead.

Because this is a story about the power of love intwined with the impossible, Abby, now eighteen years old, a sensitive, beautiful woman of color whose full name is Abby Je Louange Verite Manning, which speaks to her rich French legacy of a secret order of gifted truth seekers. She is a gifted artist, brought from New York to live in a hidden away town in Texas to escape the fear of her brutal abductor, which left her with PTSD. While fighting to survive being bullied, she wishes to put an end to bullying in the Hamilton Valley School District by establishing an art appreciation class she calls "The Art of Saving One" (TAOSO).

Kenton Leon Baker, now, a handsome, twenty-year-old master martial artist and former teenage bodyguard, a product of Greek/French/American parents, comes from Seattle, Washington to live with his father and search for his calling. The first time he sees Abby, he is drawn to her and risked his life to save her from a deadly fall in a famous Texas cavern, which is her third life's catastrophe known to the Spirit Keeper secret order as a 'trial.' Unbeknown to both, are the impossible powers found in the ancient Verite ancestral album, that give deep meaning to their quest to exonerate a century old confession, to bring honor to a disgraced girl spirit named Bethany, and to cleanse the town of its corrupt secrets enhanced by a drug and sex trafficking cult. All will lead to the deadly fourth trial.

But until a missing page of instructions lost from the ancient family album is found, the fourth deadly trial rules, and evil reigns.

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ISBN: 9798889601272
Publisher: Page Publishing
Publication Date: March 6th, 2024
Pages: 214
Language: English