TEXT ONLY Mirror Bible HARDBACK 2024 Edition (Hardcover)

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Imagine God finding a word, worthy to hold his ultimate thought; his final, eternal, most intimate message to mankind. He frames this thought, not in an ancient language of men or angels, but in an "earthen jar", Jesus, the incarnate Word, the one who gives express image to the invisible God in human person In him dying humanity's death, he brings closure to every lie that we believed about ourselves, and in God co-quickening us in his resurrection, he powerfully introduces us to the redeemed life of our design. Now, with every definition of veil removed, we may behold him as in a mirror, and discover and celebrate our own completeness, endorsed in him
Jesus is God's language and message to mankind. He is the context of Scripture. To add anything to his completed work in revealing and redeeming the image of God in human form, or taking anything away from what God spoke to us in him, is to depart from the essence of the Gospel. There is no perfect translation; there is only a perfect Word: the Logos-logic of God.The Bible is all about Jesus.What makes the book irresistibly relevant, is the fact that Jesus is all about you. He mirrors the Incarnate word, face to face with the Father
and now unveiled in you This is the mystery that was hidden for ages and generations
It is Christ in you God has found a face in you that portrays him
more beautifully than the best theology.
Your features, your touch, the cadence of your voice,
the compassion in your gaze, the lines of your smile,
the warmth of your person and presence unveil him.

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ISBN: 9798889559221
Publisher: Mirrorword Publishing
Publication Date: February 1st, 2024
Pages: 546
Language: English