Never Would I Ever: Fake Date my Ridiculously Hot Enemy (Paperback)

Never Would I Ever: Fake Date my Ridiculously Hot Enemy By Julia Keanini Cover Image
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He's the boy I hate.

Everyone knows that.

But when I show up to a party celebrating the TV show I'm on and get the news that I'm fired while the costar I've been dating is looking cozy with another girl? I've been in Hollywood long enough to realize it's a setup. My life is about to blow up in my face if I don't do something . . . fast.

And then there he is-Jet Stockton. The boy I hate. Of course he's here to witness my humiliation and destruction.
But then Jet offers me an out I didn't see coming. A kiss to save the day. And the guy is gorgeous, so it would be easy to see why I'd moved on from my ex with a guy like Jet.

So I have the best kiss of my life. And we say goodbye and I think that's the end of it . . .

But my kiss with Jet makes front page news. No one cares that I was fired or about Colin's little fling. I've won. Or I thought I did, until my ex shows up at my school determined to prove that my kiss with Jet was just an act.

The only way to keep from the world discovering the truth? Fake date my very real enemy. But that would be a mistake of gigantic proportions . . . right?

This book was previously published under the title, The Revenge Kiss.

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ISBN: 9798884659520
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 13th, 2024
Pages: 164
Language: English