An Alternative History of Britain: Normans and Early Plantagenets (MP3 CD)

An Alternative History of Britain: Normans and Early Plantagenets By Timothy Venning, Liam Gerrard (Read by) Cover Image
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Continuing his exploration of British history, Timothy Venning examines the turning points of the period from the death of William I to the reign of Edward III and a little beyond. He discusses the crucial junctions at which history could easily have taken a different turn and analyzes the possible results. While speculative, the scenarios are highly plausible and rooted in a firm understanding of actual events and their context. Venning gives listeners a clearer understanding of the factors at play and why things happened the way they did, as well as a tantalizing view of what might so easily have been different. Key scenarios include: ● The civil war of 1136-53, how either Stephen or Matilda might have won quick and the likely consequences. ● What if Richard the Lionheart had not gone on Crusade, leaving the inept John to rule in his place? Could the English (Angevin) Empire in France have been saved? What if that fatal crossbow bolt had missed Richard in 1199, sparing him an early death? ● What if Edward I's riding accident in 1294 had been fatal, leaving Edward II to succeed at ten years of age? ● A whole chapter with scenarios surrounding the Scottish kings.

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ISBN: 9798874644871
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Publication Date: February 27th, 2024
Language: English