The Essential Rumi Quotes: Top 300 Most Inspiring (Paperback)

The Essential Rumi Quotes: Top 300 Most Inspiring By Shahram Shiva, Rumi Network Cover Image
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The Essential Rumi Quotes: Top 300 Most Inspiring
The Essential Rumi Quotes, offers the reader a collection of the most powerful, passionate, endearing, and inspiring quotes of Rumi, selected from our decades-long love affair with Rumi's work. These beautiful quotes have been categorized in four sections: 1. The Power of Love; 2. Beauty, Music & Dance; 3. Hope, Recovery & Death; 4. The Ascended Master, The Teachings.

The first selection is his wildly popular passionate love quotes. Rumi views love as the real vehicle for growth. However, he teaches that the experience and manifestation of love begins and ends with you. As Rumi points out in many of his poems (where these quotes have been selected), toward the end of his search he learned that he was seeking himself all along and the Beloved is none other than himself. He wrote that he was knocking on the door of ascension from the inside and the true Beloved is your higher self.

Through his mentorship with the mystic Shams, Rumi was transformed from that of a sober scholar to an impassioned lover of music and whirling. After his transformation, all night parties with music, movement, whirling and poetry recitations became the norm.

One of the key reasons that Rumi's work resonates with us, is due to his unrestrained and uncensored expressions of various aspects of personal and spiritual growth. His quotes on healing, hope and death have helped countless people to cope with suffering and recovery.

This section reveals Rumi's quotes as an ascended master attacking all forms of mind and spirit oppression. Rumi reminds us over and over again that real spiritual mastery is not achieved through dogmatic thinking or conventional religions and isms. What you wear, eat or drink or your facial hair have no relevancy to growth. Only a high conformist would fantasize that wearing a certain style of dress might cause soul growth. Also, his many so-called blasphemous poems represent an evolved soul that is totally free from the shackles of hypocrisy and control that exist in all religious doctrines.

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