German Armed Forces - Bundeswehr: Pistols (Paperback)

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German Armed Forces named Bundeswehr

The Bundeswehr, founded in 1955, is the armed force of the Federal Republic of Germany and plays a crucial role in the defense of the country and in international peacekeeping missions. In addition to modern rifles and submachine guns, service pistols are also an important part of the equipment of German soldiers. These weapons accompany the forces in a wide variety of scenarios and must meet the highest standards of precision, reliability and safety.

In this book, we dive deep into the world of service pistols of the German Armed Forces and provide a comprehensive overview of their development, background, technical features and use in various fields of application. From the earliest models to the modern pistols in service with the armed forces today, we highlight the history and technical innovations that have made these weapons an indispensable tool for soldiers.

We take a look at the legendary HK P7, which entered service as one of the Bundeswehr's first service pistols, and explore the versatile Glock 17 (P9), which has established itself over the years as a reliable standard pistol. Likewise, we turn our attention to the robust HK P8 and the advanced HK P30, which is used today by the special forces. In the process, you will not only learn technical details and production figures, but also exciting insights into the use of the pistols by the German armed forces, whether in action at home or on international missions.

In addition, we look at the challenges faced by the gun manufacturers and the armed forces and how these were overcome with continuous improvements and adaptations. This book is a tribute to the work of the armed forces and weapons manufacturers who work together to provide German soldiers with the best possible equipment. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Bundeswehr service pistols and learn about the technology and history behind these essential tools that play an essential Contribute to the security and effectiveness of our armed forces.

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