A Rose From Concrete: The Home That Love Built (Paperback)

A Rose From Concrete: The Home That Love Built By Rose Madison Jenkins Cover Image


In this memoir, mother, veteran, sexual assault and abuse survivor recounts all the empty places she once called home. By taking shelter in the destructiveness of excess drinking and serial dating, she ran in and out of the revolving doors of homes, apartments and shelters she lived in during her childhood in The Twin Cities, Minnesota. After surviving herself in a failed attempt at suicide at the tender age of 15, Rose found the power within herself to make her second chance at life count. Tired of all the empty places and knowing she could never find peace until she built a safe space of her own, Rose started to take control of her life by joining the Military to pursue her education. She then began her journey of owning her own voice through forgiveness and confronting her abusers. After gaining her sobriety, She set bigger goals, found self-love regardless of her traumatic history, and strengthened the home with in herself.
Becoming a mother gave Rose a sense of purpose and determination to strive for her dreams. Today, as a Transformational Speaker and Coach, Rose guides others in leaving the empty space they call home, in order to build successful lives of their own. As a result of Rose's storytelling in this best-selling memoir, you will feel inspired to challenge the norm and step outside of your comfort zone to cultivate the self-love and determination it takes to make your dreams a reality. Within this book when Rose touch's on her own pain points, she then offers tools for those who are seeking healing as well. These include mindful healing meditations, journaling and creative writing prompts, and virtual assistant tools to help build better daily habits.
Home is within each one of us

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ISBN: 9798767575459
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 11th, 2021
Pages: 174
Language: English