The Greatest Gatsby: or, an American Werewolf in West Egg (Paperback)

The Greatest Gatsby: or, an American Werewolf in West Egg By F. Scott Fitzgerald, Eirik Gumeny Cover Image
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Experience F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic Jazz Age novel of lost love, wild parties, and the impossible promise of the American Dream the way it was almost certainly never meant to be: with mercenaries, shadowy government agencies, meditations on violence, death, and masculinity, and a much more rewarding love story for Nick and Jordan. Oh, and also? Secret international cabals of werewolf assassins.

Nick Carraway, a traumatized soldier trying to escape his past, moves to Long Island in search of a new - and quiet - future. Instead, he's drawn into the increasingly tangled orbits of his cousin Daisy, lovelorn and imprisoned by her past; her husband Tom, a jackbooted corporate fixer; the alluring and sardonic Jordan Baker; and, of course, his neighbor Gatsby, a millionaire playboy renowned for his excess as much as the mysteries surrounding him. What follows is a stirring (and still surprisingly familiar) tale of romance, revelations, reefer, redemption - and revenge.

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ISBN: 9798722587343
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2021
Pages: 154
Language: English