Shout NO!: A Child's Rhyme About Tricky People...And What To Do (Paperback)

Shout NO!: A Child's Rhyme About Tricky People...And What To Do By Sara Ernst Cover Image
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WINNER OF THE PURPLE DRAGONFLY BOOK AWARD & THE STORY MONSTERS APPROVED BOOK AWARD Effectively, yet gently written...Sara Ernst has taken her internationally-heard song, "Shout No" and created an award-winning book from it for young visual learners and early readers everywhere.

NO ONE should EVER do something to a child that makes them feel uncomfortable...or that isn't right Not a stranger. Not a friend. Not a family member. NO ONE The knowledge in this book could potentially save a child from an unsafe situation The charming illustrations will engage young readers while keeping the emphasis on the important words they will see and hear. This book should be used as both a simple guide for very young children, as well as a jumping off point for further conversations as they grow. READ-ALONG AND SING-ALONG Listen to the song while you follow along in the book Find the song, "Shout No" by Sara Ernst on all major music platforms for easy streaming or download. You can also listen for free on WHAT DO ADULTS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT IT?"Shout No is the perfect way to teach little ones what to do when they're faced with tricky situations and people. With clear and concise directions, your child will be empowered to act in their own self defense. I highly recommend this book as a tool for anyone interested in protecting children from harm." -GRETA ESKRIDGE, AUTHOR OF "ADVENTURING TOGETHER" AND CHILD ADVOCATE

"Increasing safety for a child is not just a conversation, and certainly not about increasing fear, but includes PRACTICE and CONDITIONING our kids to establish confidence in what to do when they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. I encourage every caregiver and child to not just read this book...but PRACTICE THIS BOOK so kids don't have to think of what to do when they feel threatened." - KIRSTEN PARKER-SMITH, SOCIAL WORKER

"As a story time leader and children's library event planner, I feel that I could read this book to a group of kids at the library and have it explain "stranger dangers," or as the book refers to them, "tricky people." Shout No is intentional about addressing real-life endangerment and carefully conveys how to confront them at a child's level." - MARY PAVALONIS, YOUTH SERVICES, LIBRARIAN

"Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned veteran, teachers everywhere will be praising Shout No. Shout No addresses a very serious and all too common situation in a way that's easy to understand for children. It opens the door for more conversations between children and their trusted adults. This book will have a permanent spot on my personal and classroom bookshelves." -ANGELA DAVIS, ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER

"I highly recommend this book to all parents as a great way to build children's confidence, as well as the needed tools and life skills to empower them to stand up for themselves as they grow up in today's world."- NELL MIKKELSON, ELEMENTARY SCHOOL COUNSELOR.

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ISBN: 9798564625784
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 16th, 2021
Pages: 36
Language: English