Tiger Beetle at Kendallwood (Paperback)

Tiger Beetle at Kendallwood By Norma Jean Lutz Cover Image
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"No guy in his right mind would ever want to date a girl who plays around with those creepy things. It's abnormal."

This curse has been pronounced on Marcy Hankins by her twin sister referring to Marcy's insect collection

Marcy Hankin's world has been turned upside down ever since Spence Caldwell arrived in her hometown of Andonburg, Oklahoma. Why the state football champ would want to come to an out-of-the-way little burg like Andonburg for his senior year is anyone's guess. Spence and his aunt and uncle have taken up residence in the old Kendallwood estate and have plans to restore the place. That means the estate is no longer Marcy's private haven for insect collecting.

Losing her special getaway place is just the beginning. Soon Marcy's caught up in her twin sister, Cissy's, scheme to claim Spence Caldwell as her own. Cissy's plans include convincing Marcy to try out for cheerleader - something Marcy has neither the time nor the desire to do.

Cissy detests every bug in Marcy's many collections.

Spence's presence changes everything in Marcy's world. Caving to pressure and trying to fit in, Marcy finds she's denying the very thing she loves. She loses sight of who she truly is.

But then she learns that Spence Caldwell has a few secrets of his own. What actually did bring Spence to Andonburg? And what could it possibly have to do with Marcy and her love of bugs?

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ISBN: 9798224776054
Publisher: Norma Jean Lutz
Publication Date: March 15th, 2024
Pages: 136
Language: English