Yoruba Mythology: Orisha Gods and Goddesses of West Africa (Paperback)

Yoruba Mythology: Orisha Gods and Goddesses of West Africa By Sebastian Berg Cover Image
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Delve into the world of Yoruba mythology

Are you interested in learning about different religions?
Do you want to learn about an ancient religion still practiced today?
Have you heard of Orisha and IFA and want to know more about them?
Like almost every culture in the world, Yoruba culture is steeped in poetry, allegories, mythology, and knowledge of the Ifa divination system. These practices are a constant reminder to the people of their practices and their long and colorful history, handed down through the generations via oral tradition, which has shaped who they are today.

The Yoruba people have existed for centuries and can still be found today across parts of Africa, practicing their religion and worshipping their gods and goddesses, collectively known as the Orisha.

This book will give you an in-depth look at African spiritual practice, the Ifa, the Orishas, and much more.

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ISBN: 9798223368236
Publisher: Creek Ridge Publishing
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2023
Pages: 100
Language: English