Glimpses of the Unseen: Navigating the Haunting Question of Ghosts (Paperback)

Glimpses of the Unseen: Navigating the Haunting Question of Ghosts By V. T. Sreekumar Cover Image
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Step into the enigmatic realm where the seen and the unseen converge in "Glimpses of the Unseen: Navigating the Haunting Question of Ghosts." This captivating exploration delves into the age-old mystery of ghosts, taking readers on a mesmerizing journey through the shadows of the supernatural.

In this thought-provoking book, the author skilfully weaves together historical accounts, personal experiences, and cultural perspectives to create a tapestry of ghostly narratives. From chilling encounters with apparitions to ancient legends passed down through generations, "Glimpses of the Unseen" offers a comprehensive look at the diverse manifestations of the spectral world.

The book invites readers to question their understanding of reality as it navigates through the haunted corridors of haunted houses, abandoned spaces, and the deep recesses of the human psyche. It explores the psychological and cultural facets that contribute to the universal fascination with ghosts, unravelling the threads that connect our collective consciousness to the ethereal.

"Glimpses of the Unseen" is not merely a compilation of spine-tingling tales; it is a scholarly investigation into the intersection of belief, science, and the unknown. Through meticulous research and insightful analysis, the author guides readers through the blurred boundaries between the corporeal and the spiritual, encouraging them to ponder the age-old question: What lies beyond the veil of the unseen?

Whether you are a sceptic seeking rational explanations or a fervent believer in the paranormal, this book provides a nuanced and balanced exploration of the ghostly phenomenon. Prepare to be captivated by the stories that linger in the shadows and the profound questions that arise when we confront the mysterious and unexplained.

"Glimpses of the Unseen" is a compelling odyssey into the supernatural, a thought-provoking examination of the human fascination with the unknown, and an invitation to consider the existence of realms beyond our comprehension. As you turn each page, be prepared to confront your own beliefs, challenge your preconceptions, and embark on a haunting journey into the mysteries that lie just beyond our everyday perception.

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ISBN: 9798223263814
Publisher: Sreekumar V T
Publication Date: November 23rd, 2023
Pages: 90
Language: English