Overcoming Anxiety and Depression in Teens (Hardcover)

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Discover how to fight off symptoms of anxiety and depression without the need for an expensive therapist, even if you think you've tried everything. Your age does not matter this book will HELP any age group.

Are you experiencing feelings of loneliness or thoughts about not being good enough that just won't go away?

Do you worry about being sad all the time, and constantly feel like you have no energy left?

Are you suffering from physical symptoms such as shaking, trouble concentrating, or difficulty falling asleep?

If yes, then you may be showing signs of depression or anxiety.

But don't worry, there are ways to treat the symptoms so these feelings won't last forever.

Did you know that over 31% of young people have an anxiety disorder in the US, and almost 14% experience depressive episodes?

You aren't alone.

Depression or anxiety is not something to be ashamed of - it's a lot more common than you think. Life is hard sometimes, and that's okay.

The thing to remember is that you're never truly alone. There is a whole community out there who wants to help you get better and feel more like yourself again.

Serving as your mentor, this guide is designed to gently walk you through different exercises and ideas to give your mind a break from all that stress and darkness.

This guide is perfect for self help, educators, and parents.

In Overcoming Anxiety and Depression in Teens, you'll discover:

  • A simple 5-step process to eliminate negative thinking - don't let your heavier thoughts overwhelm you
  • An in-depth guide to anxiety and depression so you can understand what is happening to your mental health and why you might be feeling like this
  • The #1 secret to understanding your stress triggers (and tips on relieving stress so you can finally catch a breath)
  • Proven psychological methods using exposure therapy to help reduce symptoms of anxiety in a gradual yet progressive way
  • 50+ ways to help alleviate your symptoms and have you feeling better, more positive about life
  • Worksheets, tasks, and other ideas to help you work through your thought process and be victorious against cognitive distortion
  • Tips on how to kick depression to the curb that you need to know - don't miss out on the opportunity to change your life around for the better

And much more

The main thing to remember is: it's okay not to be okay.

You might not be ready to start your recovery journey yet, but having some strategies in place for when you are is a great way to encourage healthy habits to boost your mental health, and ultimately make (and keep) you feeling happy.

Better days are coming, and they will be so worth the wait.

If you want to overcome your anxiety or depression and turn your life around to be happier and more at peace, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.

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ISBN: 9781958350058
ISBN-10: 1958350052
Publisher: Richard Bass
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2022
Pages: 196
Language: English