The Sword of Christ (Paperback)

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In The Sword of Christ, author Giles Corey examines the transformation of historical Christianity into the deracinated, egalitarian form we see preached today and argues that Christianity must be recaptured and returned to its roots as the foundation of the West. This course correction cannot happen while Christians remain unaware that the organized denominations have largely abandoned orthodox Biblical Christianity in favor of heresies like Christian Zionism and antinationalism, nor can it occur while pagan or secular Westerners remain unaware that the "Christianity" they see preaching the doctrine of dispossession today is a modern aberration that has nothing whatsoever in common with Biblical Christianity, having been usurped by anti-Christian forces.

The topics discussed include, among others, an exposition of the history and heretical theology of Christian Zionism, a discussion of Christian ethnonationalism, and an investigation into theories of Christian violence, such as the Crusades. Corey boldly proclaims the ethnonationalist struggle of our day as not only righteous but necessary to fight for the cause of Christ, just as generations of Christians have fought for justice in their own times.

Banned by Amazon after its initial release in 2020, Giles Corey's The Sword of Christ is back in a newly-edited second edition, proudly published by Antelope Hill Publishing, with a foreword by evolutionary psychologist Kevin MacDonald.

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ISBN: 9781956887860
ISBN-10: 1956887865
Publisher: Antelope Hill Publishing
Publication Date: August 25th, 2023
Pages: 344
Language: English