When I Am Calm (Paperback)

When I Am Calm By Amy Parlin Feldman Med Cover Image
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How many times have we implored the children in our lives to calm down? What do we really mean by this? And how often does it really work? Now take a moment to reflect on how you feel when you're told to calm down. Chances are, your associations aren't terribly positive. So, let's flip the script.

When I Am Calm is designed to help deliver that message more effectively and to give kids the tools they need to get there. It stems from the premise that understanding what being calm actually feels like, sounds like, and looks like is a necessary first step. When I Am Calm describes the physiological cues that let a child know they are starting to get upset, and empowers them to discover what tools they can use to return to calm.

Big feelings are an important part of life, and learning how to manage those big feelings is hard work. In addition, many of us are simply wired to experience big feelings more often and more intensely,
especially if the environment we are in isn't a great match for our needs. As a result, some kids will need more teaching, more support and more practice to develop effective emotional self-regulation (another way of saying managing those big feelings).

Whether at school or at home, When I Am Calm is designed to help. It combines a playful read-aloud with activities and checklists designed to reinforce skills. It is my sincere hope that When I Am Calm is helpful as you do the important work of supporting the children in your lives.

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ISBN: 9781953360106
ISBN-10: 1953360106
Publisher: Gifted Unlimited
Publication Date: January 1st, 2022
Pages: 48
Language: English