Far Sweeter Than Honey: Searching for Meaning on a Bicycle (Paperback)

Far Sweeter Than Honey: Searching for Meaning on a Bicycle By William Spencer Cover Image
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Imagine cycling from England to India-an 8,500-mile epic journey, before GPS or cell phones. You're traveling alone through the mystical East as borders slam shut; you confront wild animals, sexual predators and a deep cultural divide.

Amazon Number One Bestseller. "A compelling travelogue", Union Square Review.

This is the riveting true story of a young man's solo bicycle odyssey: freezing in the Anatolian mountains of Turkey, being amazed by butterflies in the Iranian desert, passing through the rubble of a coup in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and surviving dire illness in Pakistan's Indus valley. His journey ends in the heart of the subcontinent, having glimpsed true freedom. This is an account of humankind's essential goodness, of trusting unseen hands that can steer us from disaster, and of learning that the way out is through.

Unsolicited reader reviews:

- Fascinating, harrowing, moving, and inspiring.

- Paints a beautiful picture of a young man's belief in himself and his journey of discovery.

- I felt like I was on the journey.

- The photos and drawings add depth to the dialogue.

- Lyrical writing, moments of connection and illumination.

- This was one gutsy journey.

- Boy, did I enjoy this book; I'm sorry the trip is over.

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ISBN: 9781951490928
ISBN-10: 1951490924
Publisher: William Spencer
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Pages: 310
Language: English