How To Get Your Prospect's Attention and Keep It!: Magic Phrases For Network Marketing (Paperback)

How To Get Your Prospect's Attention and Keep It!: Magic Phrases For Network Marketing By Keith Schreiter, Tom Big Al Schreiter Cover Image
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Two distributors meet the same prospect.

One distributor gains a new team member. The other walks away empty-handed.

What was the difference?

The words they used.

Certain phrases hold our prospects' attention long enough for us to deliver our sales message. Prospects have one focused thought at a time. We want that thought to be about us.

The most important currency of this century? Attention. Everyone is fighting for our prospects' attention. Intrusive ads, notifications, shiny objects, constant messaging and more combine to pull our prospects' attention away from our offer.

We want effective phrases for:

Clearing distractions from our prospects' minds.
Closing our prospects.
Getting final decisions.
Reading our prospect's minds.
Engaging prospects during presentations.
Removing rejection.
Bonding with our future team members.

In seconds, we can take control of our prospects' minds and deliver our concise message. Now they can fairly decide if our sales message will serve them or not.

Getting attention is the easy part. Keeping that attention requires using these magic phrases to ward off distractions.

The rewards are huge when we master the art of controlling attention. We deliver a great sales message and prospects hear it. Prospects are smart. They have common sense. They will gladly take action on what serves them best.

Stop delivering presentations, sales messages, and benefits to prospects who are not mentally engaged. Instead, make full use of these magic phrases and become the most interesting person of the moment.

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