Stillbirth, Yet Still Born: Grieving and Honoring Your Precious Baby (Paperback)

Stillbirth, Yet Still Born: Grieving and Honoring Your Precious Baby By Deborah L. Davis, Ph.D Cover Image
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When your baby dies before birth, you experience an extraordinary grief. You never get to hear your baby's voice nor see life in your baby's eyes. Still, your baby lived. Your baby came into this world. Your baby's existence is important and real. This small book offers tailored information and support for parents experiencing the early hours, days, and weeks that follow the death and birth of their beloved baby. Stillbirth is always a devastating shock, a heartbreaking collision of birth and death that leaves parents helpless. In this accessible book, you will find comfort and ideas for affirming and honoring your precious baby's life.

About the Author

Deborah L. Davis, PhD is a developmental psychologist who writes books that support parents through crisis, including the death of a baby (Empty Cradle, Broken Heart; Stillbirth, Yet Still Born), premature birth (Parenting Your Premature Baby and Child), parenting in the NICU (Intensive Parenting), making decisions about end-of-life care (Loving and Letting Go and When Courage Lies in Letting Go), and perinatal hospice (A Gift of Time). Over the past 20 years, parents have found comfort, hope, and healing in her books. Dr. Davis has also written professional articles, position statements, and book chapters on medical ethics, perinatal bereavement care, and NICU parenting, and she advocates for training and supporting the health care practitioners who work with these families. She is forever inspired by the resilience parents demonstrate and the transformation that takes place after surviving trauma. She also writes a blog for Psychology Today online.

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ISBN: 9781938486333
ISBN-10: 1938486331
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
Publication Date: August 1st, 2014
Pages: 76
Language: English