Black Coming of Age Collection (Paperback)

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The little details of the coming of age period in inner-city America that were left out...By the time Gabrielle Muhammad was 22, she had graduated from one of New York's top Ivy League universities. Prior to that, her family struggled in New York's boroughs of crime and poverty to make sure she'd make it-which is an understatement. Now that Gabrielle has the keys, is choosing a career outside of the norm the right to do?Eric Reese, the 80s rap fan & video game nerd, lived a life of constant bullying. Not fitting in drove him to brinks of suicide. His only hope was to make it out of the hood alive to explore the world. Through it all, he discovered that once you defended your honor, many would do the same. What he didn't know was that beyond the worldly wonders came tests and if he were to come out on top, he'd have to embrace them wholeheartedly.These remarkable stories of African American coming-of-age accounts of chasing one's dreams are a true inspiration for any young adult in need of motivation, council and shoulder to lean on.

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ISBN: 9781925988604
ISBN-10: 1925988600
Publisher: Eric Reese
Publication Date: May 29th, 2020
Pages: 344
Language: English