Free Your Mind (Paperback)

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Andrew Muhammad A.K.A 'The Investigator' Making history issomething to look forward to: Andrew Muhammad is one of the United Kingdom's very few Black history and Culture specialists. His lively lectures and courses are designed to bring history and culture to life, whereby the listener will fall in love with the rich culture and proud achievements of Black people worldwide. He has developed his own brand of presentation called 'The Hidden Truth Breakdown', where the lectures are backed by passages from a range of sources. These include books that are considered very rare collectors items but most are readily available in general bookstores and libraries. The sci-fi series, X files is correct by using the clich 'The truth is out there'. Hence the name Hidden Truth is given because the truth of our history and culture is in the very books we overlook or have been kept from us. Andrew Muhammad has also designed what is widely known as the 'Hidden Truth Movie Breakdown'. This delivery is based on the Chinese proverb that a picture paints a thousand words.

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ISBN: 9781906169305
ISBN-10: 1906169306
Publisher: Tamare House
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2011
Pages: 136
Language: English