No More Limoncello (Paperback)

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This world may have seen more change in the last 60 years than ever before, but is it a better place? When you see the technical advancements and the impossible that has been achieved, you might think so. But with all this meteoric progress, there has also been dramatic changes in people's attitudes and behaviours. So, has the human race really made progress? Has it done a "good job"? This book tries to answer some of those questions and asks WHY? Are we a better and nicer race or should we be ordering some pills and our slot in the queue for the Pearly Gates anytime soon?

By taking a humorous observational perspective, Steve Bishop tries to answer some of the key questions. Steve explores the changes in human attitudes and behaviours of everyday life and what might be causing them. He covers a range of topics from working with wallys, through minding the dog poo when you go out in the street to our attitude in the trashing the environment we live in. When we used to have fun, what's all this new woke that is making our lives a misery? From a 40 year career in dealing with complex clients at a senior level, he quite clearly sees many of the issues, and asks WHY? do so many intelligent people fail to use their common sense? Although you may think that technology and the birth of the tele tubby are responsible, he questions the rationale behind many other things, where in reality the cause might actually be a problem with people?

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ISBN: 9781803698717
ISBN-10: 1803698713
Publisher: New Generation Publishing
Publication Date: August 18th, 2023
Pages: 292
Language: English