Near Death Experiences and Sacred Scripture: The Parallel Messaging (Paperback)

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Near-Death Experiences and Sacred Scripture: The Parallel Messaging examines striking similarities and parallels between messaging found in accounts of those who have written about their near-death experiences and in accounts contained in the sacred scriptures of the world's great religions. This symmetrical and mutually reinforcing messaging is timeless in nature, and is arguably more relevant today than in any previous period in human history, as humanity continues to face existential threats to its survival. In an era of rampant materialism and consumerism, armed conflict, environmental degradation, species extinction, global warming, as well as an obsessive preoccupation with self rather than others and a devaluation of the life's sanctity. It's timely to spark a revived interest in, and knowledge of, God and the afterlife, and in seeking answers to life's larger religious, spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical questions. This book will provide assurance and solace to those who are terminally ill or fear the death of their physical body, for those who are suffering a difficult bereavement, and for those who feel lost and confused about the meaning and purpose of life and what lies ahead of them.

About the Author

Douglas Hodgson's involvement with legal education and university administration has spanned over four decades in Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand. As a lawyer, teacher, researcher, author and human rights advocate, his interest in religious discrimination and religious fundamentalism issues motivated him to engage in the study of the scriptures of the world's religions, ultimately inspiring him to write "Transcendental Spirituality, Wisdom and Virtue: The Divine Virtues and Treasures of the Heart". He lives in Perth, Western Australia.

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ISBN: 9781803415758
ISBN-10: 1803415754
Publisher: O-Books
Publication Date: September 1st, 2024
Pages: 232
Language: English