Do Frogs Drink Hot Chocolate?: How Animals Keep Warm (Hardcover)

Do Frogs Drink Hot Chocolate?: How Animals Keep Warm Cover Image
By Kaner, John Martz (Illustrator)
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When winter arrives, animals living in cold environments need to cope to survive. Do polar bears build homes? Do penguins snuggle with a friend? Yes But their homes aren't made of wood, and they don't cuddle on a couch. Instead, these animals and many more have adapted in amazing ways to survive chilly weather.

Whether it's whales layering up with 12 inches of blubber, turtles burrowing into the mud to snooze and wait for spring, or emperor penguins coming together in a giant huddle, this book is full of fascinating tidbits about animal behavior in winter.

Written in a question-and-answer format, this interactive nonfiction book encourages kids to predict the answers and shout them out. Playful phrasing and comic illustrations make the content engaging for readers, who will gain newfound knowledge and an early understanding of adaptations in nature. Don't miss the companion title, Do Lizards Eat Ice Cream?.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781771472920
ISBN-10: 1771472928
Publisher: Owlkids
Publication Date: September 14th, 2018
Pages: 32
Language: English