Outside Voices, Please (Paperback)

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In OUTSIDE VOICES, PLEASE, Hsiung orchestrates a symphony of voices past, present, and prescient: time (and with it, history) compresses and expands, yielding long poetry sequences reminiscent of Myung Mi Kim's sonic terrains and C.D. Wright's documentary poetics.
--Diana Khoi Nguyen

In this shifting assemblage of verse, prose poems, scenes, performance scores, charts and maps...Hsiung's speaker emerges through clashes of language and its structures--its traumatized syntax, its colonialist dictionaries, its abusive evasions, its obfuscating corporate speak, its xenophobia and its patriarchalism, and its capacity to scorch and dazzle. Out of the urgent confrontation of language, OUTSIDE VOICES, PLEASE issues an utterly new invitation into and beyond language.--Lauren Russell

There's a kind of disease to speaking in Hsiung's OUTSIDE VOICES, PLEASE. Like it's hacking something up out of the psychic, xenophobic, (neo)colonial bullshit that is English. Like it ingested history and agitated, agitated, agitated it.--Aditi Machado

Hsiung's OUTSIDE VOICES, PLEASE is densely synaptic, a rewarding cascade within the confines imposed by our well-realized but half-understood systems of meaning, living, and language-making... Hsiung shows us that very connection has an impact, and every encounter changes us. To read the world through outside voices please is to feel challenged and also to feel seen. Are you ready to enter?--Ginger Ko

OUTSIDE VOICES, PLEASE moves the mundane and intimate violence of English-as-axis-language outside, where it plays out as gash, ripple, unforgivingly abrupt verses, fragments, and something loud enough to disrupt the propriety of colonialism.--Raquel Salas Rivera

Literary Nonfiction.

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ISBN: 9781734816723
ISBN-10: 1734816724
Publisher: Cleveland State University Poetry Center
Publication Date: October 5th, 2021
Pages: 120
Language: English