Reading the Bible for a Change, Second Edition (Hardcover)

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Which Bible passages are for Christians today and which relate only to ancient readers? Can I simply pick and choose for myself the verses I think best fit my situation? Who gets to decide? Is there a different meaning for each individual reader? What am I supposed to know to read the Bible well? Ray Lubeck has devoted his life to helping others discern for themselves God's truth in the Scriptures and to showing them how it relates to their everyday lives. Reading the Bible for a Change will guide you in how to: -Read each biblical passage in light of its literary style and larger context -Ask and explore the most fruitful questions for understanding the meaning of a passage -Avoid common interpretive mistakes -Hear God, the divine Author, speak through the Bible's human authors -Identify the life-changing truths of Scripture that apply to life today -Move beyond merely reading the Bible to being shaped by and following it Having taught for over three decades at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as in many ministry contexts, Ray values the importance of holding the interest of students of the Bible. This book is written in an accessible and engaging style, using illustrations, charts, stories, and relevant examples to help the reader grasp key concepts. The second edition has been extensively revised in light of recent scholarly developments and years of use within the classroom, incorporating substantial amounts of updates and new material. Reading the Bible for a Change will equip you with the tools to discover for yourself the life-changing truths revealed in God's word. If you begin practicing these steps, you will embark on a lifetime journey of Scripture reading that will enable you to see for yourself how captivating and transforming it is when we read the Bible on its own terms rather than on ours.

About the Author

Ray Lubeck is a Professor of Bible and Theology at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon. With a B.S. from Multnomah, an M.A. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, a D. Th. from the University of South Africa, and graduate studies at Regent College and Jerusalem University College, he is considered by many to be an expert in Bible interpretation and its relation to contemporary culture. He is the author of Swallowing Jonah (2011), Read the Bible for a Change, 1st ed. (2005) and has contributed chapters to Text and Canon: Essays in Honor of John H. Sailhamer (2017), Is My Bible the Inspired Word of God (2007), Preaching to a Shifting Culture (2004), and to the Starting Point Study Bible (2002).

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