Secrets of the Brides: The Bride of Christ in Old Testament Typology (Paperback)

Secrets of the Brides: The Bride of Christ in Old Testament Typology By Joy Roberts Cover Image
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Secrets of the Brides is a provocative study in typology which will introduce readers to the inner dimensions of Scripture. Typology was the predominant method of study in Jesus' day. Rabbis applied four levels of study to the Word of God. They are peshat (the simple meaning of the text), remez (allusion to something more), derush (inference and application) and sode (secrets). This book applies these principles to explore the accounts of seven biblical brides and their bridegrooms. Their lives were living allegories performed under the careful orchestration and gaze of the Holy Spirit and their stories are laced with prophetic codes for the Bride of Christ. From the first chapters the reader will be progressively led out of the shallows into deeper more complex revelations buried in the etymology of the Hebrew words, the Feasts of the Lord, the Millennial Week and the book of Revelation. The casual reading of the stories of these brides is like viewing the tip of an iceberg. It is beautiful on the surface of the water, but underneath that shining tip the enormity of its foundation sitting there in the deep stillness invokes a disquieting reverence. This book will introduce those who have not been exposed to the beauty of the types to another satisfying and exciting level of hermeneutics and interpretation. The investigative journey will not ask the student to subscribe to a certain eschatological scenario but will cause him to reconsider how he relates to the Word of God and how he worships its author. The author has been a student and teacher of Old Testament and Hebraic Studies for three decades. She waits for the midnight call in Texas with her husband of thirty - nine years, her two children, their spouses and six grandchildren. Maranatha.

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