The Bipolar Disorder Workbook: Powerful Tools and Practical Resources for Bipolar II and Cyclothymia (Paperback)

The Bipolar Disorder Workbook: Powerful Tools and Practical Resources for Bipolar II and Cyclothymia Cover Image
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Build real-world skills for managing the day-to-day symptoms of bipolar II and cyclothymia through the practical strategies and exercises in The Bipolar Disorder Workbook.

Finding stability and fulfillment while living with bipolar disorder or cyclothymia can be challenging. But with the right tools it's possible to overcome the symptoms associated with these diagnoses. In The Bipolar Disorder Workbook, clinical psychiatrist Dr. Peter Forster and clinical social worker Gina Gregory help you explore how symptoms like hypomania and depression show up in your daily life, and guide you to develop real-world skills for facing these everyday challenges.

The Bipolar Disorder Workbook presents therapeutic ideas, tools, and techniques that draw from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Divided into 3 easy-to-follow parts, The Bipolar Disorder Workbook will help you identify the patterns of your symptoms, increase the stability of your mood, and successfully manage your bipolar disorder or cyclothymia.

Based on the most up-to-date research on bipolar disorder and cyclothymia, The Bipolar Disorder Workbook offers:

  • Compassionate, knowledgeable guidance for understanding bipolar disorder and cyclothymia, including the mood states that define them and an overview of different approaches to treatment.
  • Practical checklists, self-assessments, writing exercises and other workbook features for managing the highs and lows, recognizing the warning signs of a mood shift, and minimizing the negative impact of bipolar disorder and cyclothymia on your life.
  • Thoughtful suggestions for talking with friends and family and creating a support system through a variety of channels such as a treatment team, community resources, and loved ones.
  • "Whole-Health Strategies" for enhancing the connection between your physical health and mood stability.

Though it can take time, deciding to transform one's life is a brave and courageous thing to do. Here, in The Bipolar Disorder Workbook, you'll find the supportive, straightforward guidance you need to find relief from the symptoms of bipolar disorder or cyclothymia, and begin creating the kind of life you want and deserve.

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ISBN: 9781641520638
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Publisher: Althea Press
Publication Date: October 9th, 2018
Pages: 172
Language: English