Apricot Seeds - Cancer Cure with Vitamin B17? (Paperback)

Apricot Seeds - Cancer Cure with Vitamin B17? By Marcus D Cover Image
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Cancer is an ever-growing problem, stealing lives worldwide at an alarming rate. A World Health Organization report stated that every year 1.6 million new cases are reported in the United States alone and that over 600,000 will die from the disease. Unfortunately, cancer isn't just one thing or one disease, it is an umbrella term that encapsulates any condition where abnormal cells grow at an abnormal rate. Currently, every organ and system of the body can be attacked by some form of cancer, some of which can spread to other areas of the body or even into the blood itself. Medical Science is working furiously to find a cure, exploring avenues both modern and obscure. Natural Medicine has also lent a hand in the search, looking at cures and remedies presented to us today and those from the distant past.

Vitamin B-17 is a half-natural, half-man made substance known as Laetrile. Created from raw nuts and the pips of many fruits like apricot, this amygdalin has an enzyme that interacts within the body, and within cancerous cells that actively fight the invaders. Chemistry works in the lab and in the body, and these compounds, in conjunction with a healthy diet and proper medical care, may be paving the way to cancer treatments - and even a cure.

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ISBN: 9781639203345
ISBN-10: 1639203346
Publisher: Notion Press
Publication Date: May 11th, 2021
Pages: 30
Language: English