The Song of Yoru & Asa Encore (Paperback)

The Song of Yoru & Asa Encore By Harada Cover Image
By Harada
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After a very rocky start, Asaichi and Yoru begin their passion-filled dating life Although the band's popularity has remained steady, Asaichi was no longer content with being a small-time band. He wants fame He wants success And so, he begins to dream of the band's future. Trouble arises when Yoru reveals that he has some fans stalking him. Asaichi offers Yoru a spare key to his place and they begin officially living together.

How will their relationship fare? Where will their band go? As they worry, struggle and fall in love, what does the future hold as their group's plans begin to grow?

About the Author

Since their debut in 2013, Harada has been one of the most wanted talents in Boys Love. Having penned nearly twenty books over 13 series, Harada's works cover a range of genres from musicals to yakuza and slice-of-life to fantasy. Unlike most BL artists, their works tend to have a hard edge to them that give them a sense of realism readers tend to come back for.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781634423397
ISBN-10: 1634423399
Publisher: Kuma
Publication Date: October 11th, 2022
Pages: 192
Language: English