Our Story: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the 1998 TITANIC EXPEDITION (Paperback)

Our Story: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the 1998 TITANIC EXPEDITION By Bill Willard, Bill Willard (Compiled by) Cover Image
By Bill Willard, Bill Willard (Compiled by)
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The 1998 Titanic Expedition, led by George Tulloch and PH Nargeolet, was an endeavor its members will never forget.

Now, their first-hand accounts and photos allow you to experience the journey with them as they broadcast the first live television programs from a ship, transmit the first live images from a submersible at the bottom of the North Atlantic, raise the only portion of the Titanic to have been lifted from the ocean's depths, conduct scientific investigations, and race to outrun a hurricane.

It's an adventure you don't want to miss.

Contributors: PH Nargeolet, George H. Tulloch, Bill Willard, Bill Garzke, Bob Anderson, G nter B bler, Charles A. Haas, Bob Sitrick, Steven Biel, Charlene Haislip, Susan Wels, Maureen Lemire, Saul Rouda, Gary Hines, Cindy Tulloch, Lori Johnston, Troy Launay, Beverly Silloway, Christian Petron, Claes-G ren Wetterholm, Tim Wiehs, Mark Knobil, Stephanie Ratcliffe, Sara James, John P. Eaton, Bob McKeown, Mead Jorgensen, Bob Reid, Angus Best.

Photographs Contributed by: G nter B blar, Christian Petron, Charles A. Haas, Charles G ren Wetterholm, RMS Titanic Inc, Nauticos, Meade Jorgensen, Stephanie Ratcliffe, Bob Sitrick, Cindy Briggs Tulloch, Anderson Independent Mail, Maureen Lemire.

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