You're Dead and You Don't Even Know It (Paperback)

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Who am I? Who is God? What's this all about? What is a soul? Discover your soul's evolution.

About the Author

When Alicia was 20 years old she had a life/death experience due to an illness she incurred. She was sent home from the hospital to die. She had cancer and was given a few months to live. She decided not to take the drugs given to her and found her health and healing through diet, herbs and meditation. It took seven years for her to fully recover, but after healing she decided to share her knowledge and experience with others. She has traveled the path of healing body - mind - soul for over 30 years now. Upon this Journey to Healing she discovered many wonderful natural health products and tools to assist the healing process for herself and others. But there was always the ever on going search for the ultimate questions to be answered. The writing of this book has been an accumulation of years of practicing and asking God these questions over and over again. The answers stayed the same sometimes and other times they changed and God told her it was because she changed! And the process is ongoing! Alicia designed and developed a Practitioner's Course that envelopes the soul evolution. She continues to teach and certify courses in all the wonderful products and tools she has discovered in her own process of healing as well as conducts a full time practice as a Natural Health Professional. She is in the process of formulating a signature line of products for the process of soul evolution. And the process is ongoing!

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ISBN: 9781552128145
ISBN-10: 1552128148
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication Date: July 19th, 2001
Pages: 96
Language: English