The One who Bought Shalom: the Mission of Yeshua the Messiah (Paperback)

The One who Bought Shalom: the Mission of Yeshua the Messiah By Deborah Renda Shields Cover Image
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The Jesus we usually hear about is One with the Godhead, worker of miracles, and Savior of our souls. But for 33 years, He was also enclosed in flesh and blood, with relationships, with memories and emotions. He came not only to save us from our sin, but to example for us, in human condition, the way to live as children of God who hold His Kingdom within us. His name was Yeshua, and He was descended from the Jewish kings. His immersion in the culture and traditions of Israel, and devotion to Torah, are evident in the framework of the Gospels. Some things He said and did can only be understood in light of Jewish tradition, and some of the seeming confusions and contradictions of the Gospels disappear when we read them in this way. Are you lonely, sad, tired, angry, defamed, frightened or in pain? He knows how you feel because He was here, and suffered all of these. We can embrace and imitate Yeshua as One who knows how to please our Father in human condition.

About the Author

Deborah Renda Shields spent most of her life loving her husband Charles and her four beloved children: Jordan, Brendon, Hannah and Abby. In 1976, a new love blossomed, and she invited Jesus to live in her heart. Then in 1990, the Lord brought her through a deep revival that involved fellowshipping with Jews who believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah and Son of God. Electrified, she ran to study the Jewish roots of Christianity, now understanding her Christian faith as never before. Eventually, Deborah heard the Lord ask that she let all she had learned spill over to others, and she taught in churches for many years. Now in the grandmother stage of life, she has changed her focus to writing and publishing what she has learned for a wider audience, and enjoying her precious grandchildren: Elric, Rocket, Jackson, and Atticus.

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