Marksmanship Fundamentals (Paperback)

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Marksmanship Fundamentals is an eBook written by an active service Tier 1 Operator and covers the fundamentals of Long Range marksmanship.

The book was primarily written for Beginner and Intermediate level shooters however, even experienced shooters may benefit from the book.

The fact is, if you are very good at the basics (the fundamentals), Long Range shooting becomes relatively easy. The marksmanship fundamentals are the foundation of accuracy and precision and their mastery should be a focus of your training.

SOME of what is covered in this eBook:

* Achieving Accuracy and Precision
* Influencing Factors: Environmental, Ammunition, Rifle, Optic/Scope, Shooter Ability/Marksmanship
* The Fundamentals
* Shooting Position Checklist
* Conventional Shooting Positions
* Unconventional Shooting Positions
* Recoil Reduction
* Dry Firing
* Live Firing
* Target Options
* Rifle Setup

Product Details
ISBN: 9781456629403
ISBN-10: 1456629409
Publication Date: November 4th, 2017
Pages: 122
Language: English