God Wears Many Skins: Myth And Folklore Of The Sami People (Paperback)

God Wears Many Skins: Myth And Folklore Of The Sami People By Jabez L. Van Cleef Cover Image
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Traditional indigenous cultures in many parts of the world have displayed a profound appreciation of the relationship between human and ecosystem health, something global culture is trying to rediscover under the label of sustainability. A spiritual resource for sustainable living, this poem records the creation story of the Sami, a nomadic people of Northern Europe, and then retells several Scandinavian folk-tales derived from their playfully animistic world view. Their deep kinship with the wild is shown in their awe for bears: The bear is more like people are Than any other thinking creature: He stands up on two legs to strike, With eyes that skewer like a spike, And when we cut away his skin He looks like a great bloody man.

About the Author

Jabez L. Van Cleef takes foundational texts from many oral traditions and religions and creates a common poetic format to preserve, promote and disseminate the values of these cultures. His work also promotes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other frameworks intended to foster full realization of human potential. See more at www.sustainyourspirit.com.

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Publication Date: May 19th, 2008
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