Infinite Life, Infinite Lessons: Wisdom from the Spirit World on Living, Dying, and the In-Between (Hardcover)

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Infinite Life, Infinite Lessons: Wisdom from the Spirit World on Living, Dying, and the In-Between By Susan Grau Cover Image
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Profound insights into your soul's journey, healing from grief, and the afterlife from Soul Healer Susan Grau, who shares her deeply personal struggles, near-death experience, and stories of the thousands she's helped as an Evidential Medium.

Designed for those seeking spiritual enlightenment, healing, and a deeper understanding of the afterlife, Infinite Life, Infinite Lessons serves as a unique roadmap to transcendence. It combines personal stories, reflective guidance, and practical exercises to help readers identify their spiritual blocks, navigate through personal challenges, and uncover their life’s and soul’s purpose.

Grau's decades of experiences as a Soul Healer and certified counselor, coupled with her personal struggles with loss, add a depth and authenticity that sets her book apart. Her teachings are based on her own spiritual journey, including her near-death experience and communications with the spirit world as an Evidential Medium, while also resonating with the experiences of thousands of clients she has helped over the years.

This book uniquely fills the need for a compassionate, insightful guide into the often-misunderstood realm of the spirit world, offering readers comfort, understanding, and tools to connect with their departed loved ones. Whether you're grappling with the loss of a loved one, seeking answers to life's mysteries, interested in near-death experiences, or looking to deepen your spiritual awareness, Infinite Life, Infinite Lessons provides the clarity, wisdom, and solace needed for your journey.

About the Author

Susan Grau is an internationally recognized intuitive medium, international speaker, and grief coach, whose talent New York Times best-selling author Riley J. Ford calls “unparalleled.” As a celebrity reader with a benevolent, down-to-earth style, Susan has been featured in numerous magazines, podcasts, and documentaries, including Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP, Elle, The Hollywood Reporter, M Media’s Susan Grau Hotel Series, Elysium Media’s Beyond the Grave documentary alongside Dr. Eben Alexander, and more. Having had a powerful childhood near-death experience, and since earning her Doctor of Divinity in Mystical Arts with the father of near-death experience research, Dr. Raymond Moody, Susan is passionate about helping others, especially children, make sense of their afterlife experiences and leverage their newfound connection to the spirit world. Featured as one of James Van Praagh’s exclusively preferred mediums, Susan is a gifted healer who is on a mission to help people heal the deep soul pain of grief by understanding the truth about the afterlife. Learn more at

Product Details
ISBN: 9781401977238
ISBN-10: 1401977235
Publisher: Hay House LLC
Publication Date: July 16th, 2024
Pages: 280
Language: English