Escorting the Dead (Paperback)

Escorting the Dead By Ta Sullivan Cover Image
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Anyone who has ever been touched by the death of a friend or loved one will want to read this book. It can help you understand that death isn't the end, it's merely another step in life's path. This book touches on a subject that is meaningful to all us, death and the afterlife. Read how a bicycle accident and near death experience changed the author's life along with her understanding of life and death. Out of this experience also came her job of escorting the dead to the afterlife. A job that she says, " filled with as much heartache as it is joy. It's a job that has taught me a lot about compassion and love, but most of all, it has taught me that death isn't the end of life."The accident opened up a world that most us never see until we die; however, for her, it's a world that she visits often while escorting departing souls to their new existence in the afterlife.

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ISBN: 9781072001447
ISBN-10: 1072001446
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2019
Pages: 320
Language: English