The Asteroid Apocalypse: The Greatest War in Science (Paperback)

The Asteroid Apocalypse: The Greatest War in Science By Rajeev Raghuram Cover Image
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We all know what happened to the dinosaurs. Unable to do anything but observe, they watched as an asteroid hurled itself into Earth's atmosphere and experienced the ramifications of the asteroid's impact on the planet. Factors such as mass, velocity, type, and trajectory resulted in the extinction of seventy percent of life on Earth. Millions of years later, are we prepared for our battle against this same opponent?

The Asteroid Apocalypse is an educational, nonfiction account of the asteroid threat to life on Earth. Detailing the latest science and technologies, The Asteroid Apocalypse guides readers through simulations and space missions that study the asteroid threat. Author Rajeev Raghuram provides readers with the historical context and accessible data to create a holistic understanding of the many potential threats Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) and Potentially Hazardous Objects (PHOs) pose to Earth, as well as how scientists and astronomers around the world prepare to respond to these possible threats. Young readers and aspiring space engineers, astronomers, and scientists everywhere will enjoy this introduction into the world of space rocks swirling around our planet and how we can work to ensure a fate different to that of the dinosaurs.

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ISBN: 9781039107410
ISBN-10: 1039107419
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication Date: September 15th, 2021
Pages: 72
Language: English