Girls Only Live Twice: A Teen Spy Thriller (Gems Spy Thriller #5) (Paperback)

Girls Only Live Twice: A Teen Spy Thriller (Gems Spy Thriller #5) By Doug Solter Cover Image
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She wants out. When sixteen-year-old Emma finds out the truth about her mother's death, it makes her question everything, including her loyalty to the Authority, a secret organization she spies for after school. Feeling trapped, Emma comes up with a desperate plan to escape their control. She'll fake her own suicide.

But Ryan is suspicious. He's been trying to convince Emma to join Venomous for months. Now, he suspects Emma's disappearance is tied to a secret move to join him and the worldwide criminal organization. Ryan will do anything to help the girl he loves.

Miyuki is a part of the Gems, a group of talented teen spies who work for the Authority. When they investigate Emma's suicide, the Gems suspect she was pushed over the edge by Ryan and Asset One, the leader of Venomous. Seeking justice, the three Gems hunt down Ryan for answers.

But Asset One holds all the cards. Using them to play his own game against the Authority. A game with a dramatic ending that will destroy the Authority and kill millions under a mushroom cloud.

Emma can refuse to play his game and live happily ever after with her grandmother.

Or she can be a hero...and risk losing everything.

Girls Only Live Twice is the fifth book in The Gems Young Adult spy series that features strong characters, a complex romance, bad-ass female villains, and an evil man with a black falcon. Think James Bond mixed with Charlie's Angels.

If you enjoy spy thrillers with twists and turns along with culturally diverse characters who struggle to find out the truth in a world where the truth is always subjective, then the fifth book in Doug Solter's continuing young adult spy series is for you.

For ages 13 through adult.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780998146683
ISBN-10: 0998146684
Publisher: Brain Matter Publishing
Publication Date: July 6th, 2021
Pages: 288
Language: English
Series: Gems Spy Thriller