Not By Faith Only: Messianic Jewish Discipleship from the Book of Ya'aqov (James) (Paperback)

Not By Faith Only: Messianic Jewish Discipleship from the Book of Ya'aqov (James) By Kevin Geoffrey Cover Image
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The book of Ya'aqov (Jacob or "James") is one of the most overlooked, yet foundational books of the Bible, containing some of the best practical instruction for Messiah-followers in all of Scripture.

In Not By Faith Only, Messianic Jewish author and teacher Kevin Geoffrey walks the reader through the entire book of Ya'aqov, bringing biblical insight to the various topics of Ya'aqov's essential letter. With his thought-provoking, sometimes lighthearted style, Kevin tackles subjects from everyday life-such as handling interpersonal conflict, dealing with anger, and both having and lacking wealth-in addition to matters of eternal importance, such as enduring the testing of our faith, having joy during troubling times, and being patient in suffering.

Intended as a tool for personal growth, discipleship, or as a small group resource, each chapter is followed by application questions for self-reflection or group discussion, as well as a closing prayer to assist the reader in asking God for help to apply His wisdom.

Not By Faith Only brings Ya'aqov's ancient Messianic Jewish disci-pleship to today's confusing world. Join Kevin as he digs into the message of faith matched with actions-teaching us as Yeshua's disciples how we must excel at both if we are to succeed at either.

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ISBN: 9780983726364
ISBN-10: 0983726361
Publisher: Perfect Word Messianic Publishing
Publication Date: September 1st, 2023
Pages: 160
Language: English